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Plain tube heat exchanger

Plain tube heat exchangers are smooth tube heat exchangers made of stainless steel, which are manufactured from meander-shaped bent tubes.
AWS-Technik has developed several types for different applications. By using small tube diameters, we achieve a heating surface density similar to that of finned tube heat exchangers. Finned or finned tubes have many corners where dust, germs, soot or bacteria can accumulate, and cleaning is almost impossible after the second row of tubes. With our smooth-tube heat exchangers, there are far fewer places for deposits to build up, and furthermore, each tube can be cleaned directly from the outside with a steam lance if necessary.  A modular design makes it possible to use this type of heat exchanger even with large volume flows. The housings can also be supplied in a gas-tight design. Thanks to our efficient production technology, we can also offer you a very interesting alternative to stainless steel fin or plate-fin heat exchangers in economic terms.

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