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Double tube heat exchanger

The double-tube heat exchanger is based on a design that offers high efficiency due to the thermally optimal counterflow principle. The large flow cross-sections enable the use of media with high viscosity and high solid or dirt content. AWS-Technik is continuously developing this proven technology and sells double-tube heat exchangers in all designs. The range extends from spirally wound 70-metre-long to highly polished sterile heat exchangers with high demands on surface quality. A speciality are the dismountable modular heat exchangers. With this design, the inner tube and the outer tube can be dismantled. This makes it possible to clean all heat exchange surfaces. Furthermore, the inner tube or the outer tube can be exchanged for a new one in case of heavy fouling or advanced corrosion without having to weld. In addition to the modules, we offer standard brackets for all mounting locations such as on the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor.

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